Most of the popular software packages for mining of cryptocurrency are designed to be used separately for one or two coins, and ability to use limited number or scripts / alghorithms.
Comparing to them there are few companies/website who are providing unique ability to do mining without hassle to adjust the equipment. You get paid for the computing power of your PC, and tgheir software transforms everything into bitcoins. Doesn’t matter are you owner of 4 RX 550, with 4 GB RAM or GeForce GTX 1050 Ti GAMING X 4GB, you will be able to do mining, and the software we’ll find the best SHA-256, Script or X11, X13, etc. to do the job.

Most popular website with such ability ar:
1. Nicehash. Its a Slovenian company, established in 2014. Recently (Dec 5, 2017) they have been hacked and lost a lot of coins (est. about 64 million $) .

Nicehash mining crypto software

2. Minergate. They offer software for both most popular platforms – Windows and Linux. Unfortunately, the engine of the software is not so good, and revenue you will get is much less than with Nicehash.

Minergate mining software

Minergate mining software

3. crypto mining. Its a russian company, operating since 2016, and comparing with others they have good design and software engine.

Kryptex crypto mining software crypto mining software

More details about Kryptex and our tests you can find here

4. is the last one of those companies, and they offer similar service to others.

We did compare services and here is what we got as results with  computer system AMD Ryzen 1700 + 1 card Radeon PowerColor RX 570 , 4GB.